High-end burglar alarm GW02 – connect wifi, GSM, PSTN

High-end burglar alarm GW02 – connect wifi, GSM, PSTN



the system runs the normal sim of all carriers with the feature of making calls and texting. When choosing a sim card, please note the following:  The SIM you choose to buy must be registered with the owner, if you buy a junk sim after a while, the number will be deleted   take time to buy another sim  When changing the sim on the hub, there is no need to reset any parameters but  on the phone control app need to change the center number  It is convenient to choose to buy a sim card with the same carrier as the host (same network viettel, vina, etc.)  or mobi..) to avoid the phenomenon of internet calling and texting being dropped

+ B in the center of: receiving signals from the sensor, then activate the speakers sounding the alarm at the same time calling and texting to the owner or the pre-installed police. The hub works with about 100 wireless sensors and 4 sensors with wire (or connect up to 8 wired sensors). Features: 4 features (alarm, home mode, alarm off mode, SOS) see details below remote (control)

+ Sensor: has the function of sending signals to the central unit, the signal sent back is wired or wireless depending on the type of sensor, but the functions are as follows. Commonly used sensors High-end burglar alarm GW02 – wifi, GSM, PSTN connection – Vietnamese language, easy to set up

– LCD screen displays date and time, alarm on/off information , sim status,… – Keyboard touch – use technology WIFI, GSM, PSTN (Sim damage still press) – Add 99 area wireless sensors & 4 regions left turn wired – Add up to 150 devices – Add 4 groups call & 3 groups to send messages when there is an alarm – Send a message when the battery is low, or the power is off – Support wireless ring connection – Android & iOS phone software (Wifialarm) – Power usage: AC9V-12V

– GSM: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz – Built-in battery: up to 6 hours standby time – Full charging time: 4 hours – Wifi frequency: 2.4G

– Wireless sensor frequency: 433Mhz, code 1527/2264 – Loudness of the bell attached: 110Db

– Product size: 18*12.5*3.5 cm   Used as alarm, anti-theft & doorbell at home – Doorbell connects to Remote 433 MHz Remote, sensor, bell   The devices connect to each other via wifi waves, the connection distance is up to 30m without walls and 10m when there are walls.  GW02 has up to 99 wireless sensing zones and 4 wired sensing zones. Loudspeakers announce at a loud volume, which can frighten thieves and notify everyone in the house and surrounding neighbors about the break-in. 


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High-end burglar alarm GW02 – connect wifi, GSM, PSTN

GW02 high-end burglar alarm – wifi connection , phone burglar alarm system , door-mounted anti-theft device , outdoor anti-theft device