Network solutions for businesses

Network solutions for businesses

Network solutions for businesses Network management solutions help you automate, simplify and integrate your network to reduce operating costs and improve

productivity. The tools in the solution provide innovative ways to manage your network to deliver critical functions such as availability, responsiveness, flexibility, and security consistently. Completely new construction

(or already have a network system but not yet standardized).

2) Demand Does not require redundancy and high availability in network design (redundancy and High Availability) Limited initial investment costs Provides easy administration and quick fix when something goes wrong Solution Core Switch Cisco Catalyst 3560 with 24 GigEthernet ports and 32Gbps backlane is at the heart of networking Catalyst 2960 Access Switches connect to CoreSwitch with 2 GigEthernet uplink ports with Etherchannel technology that merge these 2 links running in parallel to form 1 link at 2Gbps to avoid bottlenecks from Access Switch to Core Switch and provide the ability to redundancy between these 2 connections, if 1 connection has problems data is automatically transferred to the other connection, the process is transparent to the end user From the Core Switch connect to the Internal Server Block with the option to use the Internal Firewall (requiring the throughput of this Firewall to be >= 1Gbps to avoid data bottlenecks to the Servers) or not to use the Internal Firewall (investable). in phase 2,

because this Firewall is quite expensive (refer to the expected device price list above)) From the Core Switch connects to the DMZ area and goes out to the Internet through an External Firewall, the task of this Firewall is to protect users in the network against threats from the Internet, and at the same time limit the access from the Internet to the DMZ area to limit Minimize unauthorized access from the Internet into the network Connecting to the Internet is a Cisco Router gateway, this router provides corresponding interfaces to connect to different types of lines to the Internet, for example: ADSL, FTTH, Leaseline, …

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Network solutions for businesses