Theft alarm with sensor GSM GP01

Theft alarm with sensor GSM GP01

Theft alarm with sensor GSM GP01 id2320000

– Alarm system with LCD screen GP01 is equipped with dual network technology used in mobile phone style (GSM) for smart alarm. – Learn wireless and wired sensors for the security of your home. When there is a signal from these sensors , the center will howl and notify your phone number by calling or texting .

– Speaker with large capacity – Built-in battery for up to 4 hours GP01 – GSM sensor burglar alarm Using GSM sim – English language, voice output in Vietnamese

– With screen displaying information – Battery: 4 hours – Using GSM sim

– Touch keyboard – Add 99 wireless sensors and 4 sensors wire. Each zone has 8 modes to choose from – Create 4 groups of alarm on/off time (alarm on/off schedule)

– Add 9 phone numbers to call alarm

– Add 6 phone numbers to send messages tap – Software used on Android and iOS phones

– Product has 2 years genuine warranty – Connection distance between devices: 30m uncertain ==================================================== ========================================

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Theft alarm with sensor GSM GP01