What is smart home?

What is smart home?

What is a smart home? A type of house where electrical and electronic equipment is installed that can be controlled or automated or semi-automatically,

replacing humans in performing one or several management and control operations. Smart  home (English: home automation, domotics, smart home

or … household  appliances  can understand each other’s languages ​​and be able to interact  with  each other. What is a smart home?

What is smart home?

What is smart home?

Adding Safety Through Appliance and Lighting Control 1.2 Benefit 2 – Protect  Your Home  Through Automatic Door Lock. 1.3 Benefit 3 – Increased View  Through  Security Cameras What is smart home?


Apps smart home

There are still plenty of different apps, but most products have them for both iOS and Android, and manufacturing brands tend to use just one app to control all or many of their devices. However, these manufacturer apps still often don’t play nice with other brands.

Exceptions such as the Google Home app can let you control multiple devices from one place, though often with a reduced suite of features.

Smart assistants 

Smart assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa can be the central hub of a smart home. They’re not mandatory, but they make life easier by controlling all your devices from one spot using voice commands.

Android phones come with Google Assistant on board, and iPhones have Siri. No phones have Alexa built in, but you can buy a smart speaker with any of these three assistants built in.

All you have to do is give the voice command to activate your assistant, then tell it to do something. For example, “Hey Google, dim the lights in the lounge room” or “Alexa, play something romantic from Spotify”.

Once you get more comfortable with your gadgets, apps like If This Then That (IFTTT) let you create your own voice commands. You might program a smart assistant so that the command, “It’s movie time” dims the lights, turns on your TV and makes sure there’s no music playing anywhere in the house.

Automation smart home

Some apps and devices can talk to each other without you acting as the go-between.

Set the coffee machine to start brewing and lights to turn on as soon as your morning alarm goes off, or have the air conditioning power up when your smartwatch gets within 500 metres of home.

Different brands often still aren’t great at working with each other directly, but IFTTT can make apps and gadgets play nice even if they weren’t designed to.

The smart speaker revolution home

Smart speakers with inbuilt smart assistants, such as Google, Siri and Alexa, have become an integral element of home automation. Like your smartphone or tablet, a smart speaker can be used to control other smart devices. You simply make a statement such as “turn on the television” and the smart speaker will tell your smart TV to turn on.

Almost all brands integrate at least one of these assistants:

  • Google Assistant
  • Alexa (Amazon)
  • Siri (Apple)
  • A proprietary alternative (Samsung has developed Bixby, and LG has ThinQ, for example)

Google Home and Alexa

Aside from Samsung, most companies with proprietary systems also support Google, Alexa or both. This gives consumers the freedom to control a range of smart products from different brands, with a single speaker.

Many products also work with Apple’s Siri assistant, but only Apple products such as iPhones, Apple TV or the HomePod smart speaker have the assistant built in to act as a central smart hub.

Manufacturers are gradually adding these assistants to other devices as well. New-release TVs can accept the same commands as your phone or smart speaker through a microphone in the remote control.

One good example of this tech in action involves telling Google to put a live feed from your front door security camera on the TV so you can see who’s at the door. These assistants will also arrive in cars in the coming years.

The price of a smart speaker doesn’t affect the quality of its built-in smart assistant – only the sound quality and any other features it may have, such as whether or not is has Bluetooth.



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What is smart home?


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What is smart home?

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