How to be a good boyfriend

How to be a good boyfriend

Being a good boyfriend is not an easy job, even with a wonderful girlfriend by your side. A good guy always knows when to speak and when to keep quiet; when to give counsel, and when to show sympathy; when to give your girlfriend more attention and when to leave her alone. A good boyfriend needs to be someone who can give his girlfriend all her trust and admiration, someone who makes her want to be a good girlfriend.[1] A good boyfriend must adapt well to all situations and must understand the work of a boyfriend who never has a day off.

How to be a good boyfriend

Method 1 – Please love
2.Let her feel your establishment and care
3. Call her by affectionate names:
4. Let’s say you miss her:
5. Flirting:
6. Finding common ground:
7. Listen to her
8. When she’s upset, make her laugh:
Method 3 – Light touches
2. Fist:
3. Put your arm around her shoulder:
4. The girl:
5Home is the location
6.Give her surprises
7.Special interest
8.Love her a lot
9.Don’t say anything negative about her to your friends
10.A faithful heart
11.Melon she goes out

Treat her like a woman

1/ Respect her as a person
2 / Remember the special days
3 / Care and affection
4/ Don’t look down on you as your girl
5 / Support your girlfriend when she needs it
6/ Learn to apologize
7/ Listen to her needs
8 / Don’t fixed to her it
9 / Make your girlfriend a better person


Express and Share Emotions
Trust her.
Protement is equal when you two talk
Always listening
Learn to be satisfied.
Become the source practice.

Always sympathize.

1 / Show lack of love from You
2/ Compliment her beauty.
3/ Give her sincere compliments
4/ Unexpected gifts.
5 / Renew love with unexpected actions.
6/ Take good care of yourself.
7 / Give her (as well as her) a private space.

Give advice
Don’t let your girl sleep with negative emotions. Talk to her to find out why. Thereby she will feel that you care for her.
Share your feelings with her. If you are sad, angry, or happy, please share with her; Girls love being spent with their boyfriends.
Be yourself! That’s why she chose you.
If there are other people flirting, making emotional jokes, for your girlfriend, don’t make a fuss about it.
Never let your girl doubt you.

6 Ways to Be a Complete Friend
1. Listen
2. Do what she wants
3. Please go out
4. Make friends with her friends
5. Show interest in what she does
6. Surprise

How to be a better man

How to be a better man


1. Give someone a gift without needing one

2. Always always true time

3. Elevate and protect those you care about most

4. Set Boundaries in the Relationship System

5. Mentoring who will help you

6. Directly solve the problem

7. Please be a gentleman with a woman

8. Take some time to volunteer or meditate

9. Don’t talk behind anyone’s back

10. Stop searching

11. Do your best

12. Join a group of people (a fraternity, a bible study, a service organization)

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13. Don’t allow anyone to treat you disrespectfully

14. Practice day

15. Be transparent and direct

16. Do the best you can

17. Going fishing with dad

18. Becoming an adult

19. Live with emotions

20. Crazy camp alone

21. Please from the forum and going to be you be true

22. Eat healthy

23. Try a new hobby

24. Realize you need help from others

25. Please peace with me

How to make people happy?

How to become a better man?
26. Go have coffee with someone you respect

27. Dating a girl on a fun

28. Run 5 steps a day

29. Give me a gentle pat on the back

30. Get a massage

31. Smile often

32. Write down guiding words and say to yourself… “I am a strong man”

33. Remove a home or group support document

34. Going to hide for a few days

35. Writing for a magazine

36. Learn to say “no”

37. Take a step towards your dream

38. Have expectations for yourself

39. Learn to let go

40. Facing fear and taking risks

41. Focus on the present (put down the phone)

42. Please open

43. Live with good things

44. Rest more

45. Take a class and learn something new

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46. ​​Don’t give up

47. Speak up for yourself

48. Set title

49. Stop and listen

50. Please know thank

good man

How to be better every day?
51. Take care of your body every day

52. Get enough sleep

53. Caring for family and friends

54. Let’s go up

55. Please accept the format

56. Watch a little less TV

57. Reconnecting with your ex

58. Build something with your own hands

59. Go outside your comfort zone

60. Allow people to continue with you

61. Smile to yourself

62. Don’t worry too much about benefits

63. Believe that God loves you as you are

64. Don’t make anyone public

65. Don’t be indifferent

66. Stop Excessive

67. Let’s automatically accompany you

68. Forgive the person you have kept something bad in your heart

69. Investments on the community

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70. Read a book

71. Think more

72. Anniversary

How to be a good boyfriend


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How to be a good boyfriend



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